Welcome to the "Releases" page of our wiki where you shall find the Campaigns along with their related single scenario maps to download. Please note that these are all placed in chronological order under which they are to be played, and not the order of their original release. Clicking here will redirect you to the Celestial Heavens' Download Page where you can view the list of our maps in both English and German. (Translated by Koni)

Masters of Sighisoara I -. The Murdered Innkeep (September 2009, version 1.1 released in June 2010)

The Rogues Hideout (March 2013, single scenario Epilogue of the MoS1 campaign)

A Sighisoara Christmas (December 2010, bonus single scenario Christmas themed standalone map)

Prime Suspect(Last updated to version 1.2 in January 2012, the single scenario Prologue of the MoS2 campaign.

German version, "Heißer Verdacht" was released in January 2010 and translated by Koni))

Masters of Sighisoara II: the Undead of Xerphef (December 2013)

Masters of Sighisoara III: A Gyondrian's Tale (October 2016, version 1.1 December 2016)

Masters of Sighisoara Trilogy Pack (November 2016, updated December 2016, currently Google Drive link)

Masters of Sighisoara Music Pack (November 2016, currently Google Drive link)

Masters of Sighisoara Ultimate Pack (January 27th, Google Drive link)

Masters of Sighisoara: The Sorceress' Child (May 4th, Google Drive link)

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