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Masters of Sighisoara - The Sorceress' Child was released on the 4th of May and has so far generated just over 80 downloads from our own URL alone (not counting that from Celestial Heavens). It has been one of the most well received maps so far, fans are calling it greatly balanced, beautiful and with an interesting storyline. Sure to give you that "Just one more turn!"-feeling.

You can download the map for free HERE

Of course, the Sighiosara team is not resting, but we are working on a Single-Scenario map, currently just named "Lifhis" (hey, if you follow that link, you may just learn something ;)). It is currently in a 0.2 state and have received updates for 3 days in a row now (Yey us!).


Remember the nation Gulael, from Campaign I? How about getting the chance to knock them out again? ;) (Click for full image)

We are also working on the stand alone game "Masters of Sighisoara - Tales from Yzathia" (name may vary in final version) which has progressed real nice. We have one full town built, with NPC-buildings, Town halls, etc etc. This game is made in the engine RPG Maker MV, which makes it a big project. Max (HoP) is currently working on it all alone, which means it does take time. But with vacation and dedication, this ship is getting built and will hopefully be ready to sail in Q4 2017!


What a spooky place, I wonder what has happened here? (Click for full image)

February 2017

Welcome to the news page, the location of our news articles. This section of the site will simply contain things we are currently working on such as releases, teasers and other World of Sighisoara related news. You will see the latest headline always on the front of the "home page", while the rest can be found by clicking the link "Read More News".

The "Sighisoara Ultimate Pack" was released on the 27th of January 2017. Included in the Pack:

  • All 3 Campaigns released by the Sighisoara team
  • All single scenarios released by the Sighisoara team as of January 2017
  • Custom made music from official Might and Magic and Heroes of Might and Magic composer Paul Anthony Romero, and a selection of fine fan made tracks produced by Jim Nordström ( and Per Pouraskari (Evlent Chapter)
  • Sighisoara themed wallpapers of different size (720p, 1080p, 2k)
  • Full HD resolution of images of all individual maps released so far, both surface and subterranean parts depicted
  • A previously unreleased short story (of approx. 14 pages) about the Dragonslayer Havery (whose adventures were previously referred to in minor storybits found within MoS III - A Gyondrian's Tale), set in the world of Sighisoara