Status of the standalone Edit

While the Saga of Zhule has been scrapped, events that take place in the game will be featured in Masters of Sighisoara IV's prologue map. Yet, there is still hope for this Masters of Sighisoara tied standalone game.

Storyline Edit

After the main events of Masters of Sighisoara 3, Zhule son of the hero Charles, is about to enter adulthood. Following an old Dragonian tradition, he must face another young man in the arena in ritual combat for Blood and Honor. After a lucky win, things take a big turn for Zhule...

Gameplay Edit

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The game is created in RPG Maker MV, so it will not have the awesome graphics of the Might and Magic-games. However, it will have a lot of classic RPG Influences, with a touch of that "Might and Magic-feeling".

Features Edit

  • 3 Playable Classes
  • 3 Different Races, all impacting your stats.
  • 5 Magic Schools to Master
  • Over 100 areas, houses, dungeons and more to explore
  • Discover the world of Sighisoara in a whole new way
  • A deep Main Storyline
  • A variety of Side Quests to finish
  • Over 50 different monsters to battle
  • 100's of items to find and wear